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Hannah Shiro

Bookish, bisexual, bespectacled
Sydney-based touring companion

Thank you for finding me…

There are two halves to every whole. Two parts to a personality. Two sides to every story.

We all know how it feels to filter your personality to fit a situation. Professional you versus home life you. First date you versus five years into a romance.

I am no different. When I began this journey, I felt the need to choose which side of me went with my new name. By drawing a line & keeping part of myself separate, I assumed I would be happier or healthier. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The side of me that I tried to keep locked away would attempt to sneak out, always craving a chance to play, laugh & explore. Compartmentalising this life wasn’t working. I was holding back, & cheating my lovers out of the chance to see me in all my glory.

We all need an opportunity to embrace, indulge & share both sides with someone who is equally open-minded & adventurous. I now aim to create this experience for everyone who steps through my doors.

These qualities still exist as two halves; one cannot exist without the other. Choose which side you meet today, & have the other next week. Alternatively, you don’t have to choose. Why not have moments of both? I excel at reading the energy you bring & melt seamlessly between the two, spontaneously sliding up & down the scale as it suits us.

I only have one request. When we meet, promise that you will bring your genuine whole self. With me is where both halves of you have a chance to shine, in the same way I do now.

I wish I had learned younger – as I’m sure many of you do too – that life is too short not to be yourself.

Hannah xx

The Hannah Experience

My interpretation of the ‘GFE’ is an addictive treat that will leave you wishing there were more pleasure-seeking hours in the day.

The Shiro Experience

Though a Good Girl, I do have a cheeky side. I love to stay up late, explore hidden fantasies & the peerless thrill of BDSM.

I show as well as tell…

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