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I had best time with Hannah while she was in Brisbane . Hannah is truly an Amazing sweet lovely person I enjoyed every moment of our time together with her especially the cuddles I look forward to the next time I see her again


January 2022

Firstly, organising a time with Hannah to meet was easy and simple. Just a few exchange of emails and of course planning it a few days in advance. I also find using email to be better too, she is able to communicate more details in an email than SMS, and we were able to have a better communication via email. I recently message her via SMS and immediately switch back to email. I met Hannah a few times now and we also had a threesome session with another companion who she knows well. They both really clicked and it was really great when they both know each other well, sometime doubles does not always turn out enjoyable if the two ladies are not into each other. Meeting with Hannah alone was amazing too. She does resembles the actress from Queens Gambit. I was able to talk to her on various subjects easily, sharing the movie/series that are must watch on Netflix. She is true to herself as what you see on her social media. I can see she really enjoy the time we are together as much as me. It was nice to see someone so genuine. She also books nice fancy hotels too, meeting there was easy and discreet.


April 2021

When I first met Hannah, I knew straight away that I would have to see her again. I’ve seen her for short bookings, long bookings, overnight bookings and social bookings. Each one a treasured memory that bring a smile to my face. In any way you can think of, Hannah is beautiful – mind and body, heart and soul. She’s as smart as she is sexy and as kind a she is cute. As I always do, I look forward to our next meeting.


April 2021

After following Hannah for some time on social media and finding her both alluring and engaging. We both ended up in the same city and found time to meet. I was very fortunate as this meeting was with Hannah and another long-time companion who happened to be a good friend of ours both. The whole process of making a time to meet was easy. Hannah was both professional and fun in her correspondence. It only took a couple of emails, a deposit and everything was sorted. My time with Hannah was wonderful. She is exactly as you expect from her online presence and yet so much more as well. Intelligent, engaging, and beautiful would only be the start when describing Hannah. I found her to be very giving of herself and truly felt our time together flowed effortlessly and felt way too short. In her profile, there is a line “I only have one request. When we meet, promise that you will bring your genuine whole self. With me is where both halves of you have a chance to shine, in the same way I do now.” I found this to perfectly describe my encounter with Hannah. I had an absolute ball spending time with Hannah and cannot wait till the next chance to meet with her and continue in the conversations and fun that started in the first meeting.


April 2021

Let me start by saying me trying to organise a meeting with the lovely Hannah took more than a year, I was not exaggerating. After unable to arrange a time convenient for both of us during a trip to Sydney in 2020 prior to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, I was able to meet Hannah during a trip to Melbourne, where she is also touring at the time. Not wanting to let another opportunity goes by, I immediately contacted her to organise a time and this time, we are able to agree on a nice evening at my hotel for our rendezvous. Communication with Hannah was quick and easy, and a time was booked in with confirmation via a deposit. Hannah made it abundantly clear via her few emails, that should I have any requests or questions I am free to ask, which is very much appreciated even though I don’t have any. When the time came for our evening, I was met at the lobby area by an elegant yet cute looking lady. Even though this isn’t my first time meeting a lady, the nervousness during the first meeting is always there and that adds to the excitement. Hence it was quite comforting knowing Hannah feels the same too, as we sheepishly made our way up to the room via the lift. I won’t go into details on how the meeting went, but suffice to say Hannah is what I expected, and more, when I decided to ask for her companionship during a short R&R getaway I had planned for myself. The 2 hour we spent together flew by in a heartbeat and upon saying goodbye to her at the lift, I was already wondering if she will be organising a tour to my city anytime soon.


April 2021

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